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The ultimate goal for most people in life is to have complete control over their time and choices. The obstacle for many is they either don’t have the money they need, or they don’t know how to properly invest and manage the money they have. We’ve built a firm from the ground up to help ensure our clients can live the life they choose to live.

Who we serve

We work primarily with a select group of successful professionals and business owners who among other things strive for a work optional lifestyle.

Why Bayworth

The most common challenges that successful professionals and business owners confront while striving for financial independence are: a high tax burden, lack of a life-after-work income plan, asset protection risks, and lack of a wealth preservation plan. There are five key factors to take into consideration when looking at your financial picture:


  • Professional Investment Strategies: proper investment structure with a downside protection plan
  • Tax Planning: tax-free, tax-efficient planning with an emphasis on a tax mitigation plan
  • Asset Protection: protecting your assets and family’s security
  • Retirement Planning: life-after-work income planning and tax-efficient distribution strategies
  • Estate Planning: getting your financials in order for the next generation

If you or someone you work with is not looking at these five key factors that provide the complete financial picture, it may cost you now or in the future.


Our in-house resources, experience and most importantly our process are what make us unique. We recognize that we are not, nor do we aspire to be, all things to all people. For this reason, we use a very specific FIT criterion to make sure we are aligned to service the needs of our clients. Our proprietary process, “THE QUINT PROCESS” has been developed and refined to take all the pieces of the financial puzzle and align them with our clients’ goals.


If you’re not thinking about all of the financial considerations described above or your current financial advisor is not talking to you about them, then schedule a call with us.

Our Services

Complete control over your life choices starts here.

The path to living the life you choose starts with financial decisions that support your life goals and priorities. Before making any recommendations about your investments, we take the time to understand what’s important to you.  Having a personal Bayworth Life Plan™ will give you confidence and control over your choices, rather than the financial markets making those life choices for you.

While it’s our desire to help anyone seeking advice with their investments, we have committed to only work with you if we are able to put you into a more favorable position than you were before. Our commitment is to get you closer to the life you choose to live – that’s the Bayworth Client Advantage.

Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies

• Portfolio Management

• Tax Aware Investing Solutions

• Portfolio Risk Management and Hedging

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

• Sustainable Withdrawal Strategies

• Efficient Tax Structures

• Roth IRA Conversion Strategies

• Tax & Cashflow Planning

Family Office & Closely Held Business Owners

Family Office & Closely Held Business Owners

• Family & Office Full Concierge Services

• Executive Compensation Enhancements

• Buy/Sell Funding Strategies 

• Business Exist Strategies

• Succession Planning

Lending Services

Lending Services

• Financing Solutions

• Competitive Asset Based Lending Programs

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

• Retirement Income Planning

• Sustainable Distributions Strategies

• Tax Treatment of Distributions

Asset Protection

Asset Protection

• Broad-based asset protection strategies

• Life Insurance Maximization

• Predator/creditor Protection Strategies

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

• Tax-Efficient Wealth Transfer Strategies 

• Deferring or Shifting Estate Tax Liability

• Succession Planning

Philanthropic & Charitable Giving

Philanthropic & Charitable Giving

• Gift Planning

• Charitable Planning Strategies

Business Owners: Learn how we can help you put more money in your pocket.

• We design customized retirement, recruitment, and retention programs for business owners and key employees.
• We can help reduce your tax bill as a business owner.

Upcoming Events

Are you financially prepared to live the life you choose to live? Now is the time to reevaluate your financial plan. Whether you are retired or nearing retirement, you deserve a plan that gives you peace of mind. Sign up to attend a complimentary event where we’ll discuss the most common concerns and questions of investors:

Does your investment strategy produce the money you need to live the life you choose to live? Do you have a plan for the 4 biggest risks to your life savings? Average investors hardly ever achieve their financial goals. Wall Street almost always exceeds their financial goals. Are you investing your money like Wall Street does? We will show you how.


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