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Executive Compensation Enhancements

Bayworth Capital helps business owners and key employees build customized retirement, recruitment and retention programs by leveraging non-qualified tax-efficient strategies.

Most business owners feel their hands are tied when it comes to saving for retirement and we recognize the limitations of traditional 401k’s and other qualified retirement plans. The primary areas of concern are; limited retirement plan contributions, high employee contribution costs, plan administrative costs and the fiduciary burden.

Our executive compensation programs include:


  • Non-qualified executive compensation design assistance
  • Wealth accumulation and preservation strategies
  • Tax-efficient retirement plan designs
  • Key person protection, recruiting and retention strategies

Retirement Plan Consulting

Our retirement plan consulting consists of four key areas: low cost fee structure, open investment architecture, fiduciary services and employee financial wellness education.

Paying high mutual fund fees does not translate into a high quality retirement savings plan. According to studies the average household will work one to two years just to pay for investment related costs and fees. We design low cost 401k plans so our clients keep more of their savings.


We offer an open architecture investment platform. This will allow our clients to choose diversified investments that are right for their employees.

As a registered investment advisor we serve as a fiduciary, which is the highest legal standard of care when it comes to managing clients’ money.


Additionally, we educate our clients on holistic retirement plan strategies. The objective is to keep fees low, provide investment insights, recommendations and to be tax-efficient so our clients can keep more of their savings.

Employee Financial Wellness

Today’s individuals have many financial challenges during their working years; saving for retirement, education funding, saving for a major purchase or home, an increasing tax environment, and the amount of life insurance one needs.

The days of working 30 plus years then receiving a pension for life is nearly extinct.

The goal of Bayworth Capital is to provide retirement plan participants with trusted, uncluttered, unbiased financial education as it relates to: building a solid investment foundation, proper investment diversification, retirement savings planning, retirement distribution strategies, purchasing of life insurance, estate planning, saving for a home or education funding.

Our services include:


  • Investment consultations
  • In-house employee financial education programs
  • Online employee financial wellness workshops
  • One-on-one financial consultation
  • Individual wealth management services

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